After 5 years

Yes, it has been 5 years since my last post. In fact, it's almost 6 years since it's November 2017 now!
Lots of things had happened.
But I know all of them happened for reasons. The truth that only He knows.

Now I'd graduated. I hope I'm becoming wiser as I'm growing older.
Life will always teach us lessons. Things that no school can teach, no professor can educate.
It's the matter of experiencing it yourself. No matter how hard people try to warn you, advise you, at the end of the day, it's you who will face it.

I'm trying to become a better person which I believe every one and each of us is trying the same.
So let's get in this together!

Let's chase our dreams. Be the best that we could.

Becausee it's our lives afterall.

soon-to-be-extra-ordinary-nisa ☺

Sharing is Caring

For the first time  sharing this beautiful scene with someone else Leaving an unforgettable moment Spending the precious time  even for a while Maybe there will be no next time Both of them  will not be forgotten InshaAllah Going through these days Leaving more memories to be remembered ^_^

Praise Be To Allah

Maybe the time has not come yet,
Maybe there should be more patience and acceptance,
Alhamdulillah (Praise be to Allah) for giving other companies,
When they are needed,
Even just for a while,
It's enough.

Maybe He had answered the prayers,
And He knew what's the best,
As He loves whoever who ask from Him and tawakal
Rely everything on Him as He is The One and Only.

Wish You Were Here

amazed by the moonlight and shining stars wishing you were here, sharing this incredible scenery in the center of this green grass lying and thanking Him for this amazing gift pray that we'll have more time to enjoy this beautiful moment but if only if you were here.

Law of Nature

Unhappiness, worries overwhelmed
Unexpected, unpredictable
Hope it can be wiped away, thrown far beyond the skies
So it can't be reach nor reveal
In some circumstances
It may be discovered
Whether willingly or not
It may come once again
Innocently, uninvited

It's hard to let go
Even struggling with so much effort
It's the nature of ordinary human being
Can't be disobeyed
Even it is tempting
The usual thing is not always right!
With own stand and perceptions
Just stick with the decision
Though sometimes it's hard
But with the will of Allah
Everything will be alright! :)


Silence may be a burden
Hard to tell and hard to be kept
Keeping it alone
May cause miserableness
Fighting, screaming from inside
Resent with own weaknesses
Too easy to be melt away
Just like the boats at the sea, not hard to be led astray

Reflecting the big fake smiles
Hiding all the tears, screams, worries
Wishing they can be wiped away
Just by one decision
One action
Innocently thought it is simple as ABC

The urge to tell the truth and keep it tightly inside
Just make it more complicated
There is no solution
Decision can't be made
When the truth is hidden
The answer should be seek from Him who knows everything!


I don't know what I feel
How I should react
What should I do
This is very complicated for me to handle
I'm barely 19
I need more time
more knowledge
more experience
I need to be mature
prepared physically and mentally
The decision is in my hand
There's no need to rush
Just go with the flow
Keep working, struggling
Without giving up
Make du'a
Just tawakal

I'm screaming, rebelling inside
though at the same time
I know what's right, what's crucial
With all the responsibilities, expectations
I should not be greedy, selfish
There's only one focus
One mission
Along the journey
May He bless me
Always, without fail